Say Goodbye to Your Unwanted Trees

Utilize our tree removal services in Stamford & Greenwich, CT

Maybe your tree is rotten and infested with pests. Maybe it has severe storm damage or it's in the way of your construction project. If you need a tree cut down and hauled off, you've come to the right place. All American Tree & Turf LLC provides top-notch tree removal services in Stamford & Greenwich, CT.

What happens to the wood once the tree is down? Rely on us to haul away the debris, or choose to keep the pieces for firewood.

To learn more about our 24/7 tree removal services, call 203-424-7954 now.

Don't deal with stump problems

After your tree is chopped down and removed, you'll be left with an unsightly stump in its place. Luckily, our tree removal specialists also offer stump grinding and removal services.

Trust us to remove your stump so it won't:

Be a nuisance when you try to mow your lawn
Get in the way of your patio or fence installation
Act as a tripping hazard for your kids, pets or visitors

Remove your rotting stump before it attracts bees, ants and beetles to your property. Schedule stump grinding services from our team today. We'll even fill in the hole after we grind down and dig up your stump.